Mittwoch, 8. April 2015


Heading for HCS2015 in December, we have just launched the HCS2015 campaign "Save the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show" which is a continuation of the "Be Calm Not Loud" campaign from last year intended to reduce the noise pollution in the surrounding area of Pacifico Yokohama (where HCS2015 will be held).

We have free stickers to distribute to supports this year. If you are from outside of Japan, don't worry. We put the sticker in each and every online order that's shipped out. We'll be posting support pictures again this year via instagram, facebook, twitter and of course our website. Feel free to use the hashtag #hcs2015 and help make sure the word gets out to keep the show going in Yokohama. More specifically, Pacifico Yokohama.

24th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2015

The date has been set for Sunday December 6, 2015.
It was all made possible with your support.
Everyone that values this culture and lifestyle we are in, came together as one.
Thank you very much!

This year, just as we had to do with motorcycles (2 wheeled vehicles), we were told, "The plan worked to keep noise pollution to a minimum and no complaints were received, but something needs to be done about street parking, manner and trash left behind." We will now have to target all vehicles.
I don't believe the street parking and trash left behind was any different than any other day or weekend but on this particular day, HCS becomes responsible for everything.

To take this matter seriously, we will have to work together to make it over this obstacle!
Our catch phrase for 2015 will be "Save the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show". We were able to succeed with the "Be Calm Not Loud" Shizukani campaign so this is not impossible.

We can do it together! Please help us make it happen.
Thank you for your support.


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